Craig Montgomery

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Nineteen years ago, I moved to Japan from Vancouver Island, Canada. It would turn out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.
Over the years, I’ve developed a love of teaching English. The satisfaction of watching students improve their abilities is second to none.
At CLS, we believe that learning English should be a fun experience.We provide goal orientated lessons for students of all ages. Students are able to see the progress they are making while also having a clear vision of their goals.
Start communicating in English at CLS.

~ Craig


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Hi ! My name is Michael but please call me Mike. I’m from Queensland, Australia. I like photography, astronomy and music. I’ve been an English teacher in Japan for over 17 years.
Feel free to ask me questions about my home country when you see me and I look forward to helping you achieve your English speaking goals !

~ Mike


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Hello, my name is Joel ! I am from Oregon, USA. I’ve lived in Japan for 7 years. I used to live in Hokkaido before I moved to Chiba. I really enjoy the countryside in Chiba.
I am thrilled to teach at Canadian Language School. I believe that learning a foreign language like English opens up many doors. Let’s work together to see where your English journey leads you !

~ Joel


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Hello, my name is Christian. I am from California in the United States. I have been teaching English in Japan for over 14 years. I enjoy drawing, and studying many things like history or culture. I really like helping people. So please come say hello and ask me something or tell me about yourself.

~ Christian


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Hello ! My name is Phumi from Pretoria, South Africa. I've been working as an English teacher in Japan for 3 and a half years. I love teaching because I can help others develop and improve their English speaking skills. It gives me joy and excitement meeting new learners.
In my class, we always work with great enthusiasm and positivity. I'm interested in many different topics, and I'm happy to focus on my learners' goals.
I can't wait to meet you. See you soon!